Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski

"No write to save humanity, I write to save Ma-it. "

were seventy-four year Ī os a lot of drink, women, and poetry-a. Charles Bukowski is today known as one of the best writers of the Beat generation n, in spite of never was associated with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. But really matters in Bukowski's work is not classify, but drink of his writing with the thirst for background who wants to enter the world of alcoholics, beggars, prostitutes, fights bar, crime, garbage job of, well, the underground world of Bukowski. The author ≥ constructed a work that has Energy and identity, pillars of an attitude that refuses, the structures formal, a dirty realism that has moments of surreality.
Henry Charles Bukowski was born in Adernach, Germany 1920, the son of a Yankee and a German officer. Three year Ī os © s after his birth, his family moved to United States, and happens to live in the suburb of East Hollywood, a low income neighborhood in the perisf√ © ria of Los Angeles. Bukowski ≥ passes most of his childhood n during the Depression of the eco-economic d√ © each of 30, and Mass experiment ≥ © ria and punishment of abusive father. After completing © s high school, he studied journalism for a time in L.A. City College, but ≥ drop the course in 1941 before achieving graduates Cia ≥ n. It is precisely in this √ © little life begins Bukowski drinking and itinerant, a job polular to another, until in 1956, tired of life in the street ≥ accepts a job in the post office, employment mantendr√a a d√ © each and servir√a of inspiration for his first book of prose "Post Office (Postman) "(1971) . It is also © n in this book that introduces Henry Bukowski Chinasky, your faithful narrator (alter ego) this in all his books except one, Pulp (1994), his latest novel. Much of the Bukowski's work is autobiogQuick Chart at No such exception After some details entered by the author romanticize history. E aha-grace to read the old Buk : never know what is true and what is n. Fiction For more acoustic fanta s enough, a story Bukowski can be your story, there is no way know.

Not only will the This author's prose is excellent. Bukowski was also © n a poet, and good. He was a writer rather prol√fico, having exactly forty-four books, poetry and prose-a. His latest work was (Pulp 1994), finished shortly before his death. For a long time Bukowski was more known in Europe s in the United States, but that changed a bit with ≥ the movie Barfly (1987) - that the Argentina opened with the name ≥ Butterflies Night - of Barbet Schroeder, with Faye Dunaway and Mickey Roucka in ≥ works whose shooting. That experiance was born "Hollywood" , a book that shows acoustic and sarco way √ duced the life and relationships mecca of cinema. His work also inspired ≥ © n Ordinary Madness Marco Ferreri. The writer was Ringtones mbien lover of painting, and many of his works are scattered around the world and reach values considerably high.

Log in contact Bukowski's work in life is drained ≥ alcoholic Lico a full time writer who is their misery with humor, but also © n very sensitivity. Bukowski died at 1994, at his home in San Pedro, Calif. ≥ rnia. It's worth knowing the work of man who was referred to as "the greatest poet American, "by Jean-Paul Sartre, or more s or less.


Rhapsody a friend drunk

I see sad-eyed clown drinking,
as single-write crazy poems about angels and God.
I thought that God was dead
but listen to you ... Ndot was not sure.
No bean-to lie on your fire.
Your poems are sad
Volvo-an your lovers betrayed you.
© s to walk after the bars,
≥ sa hangover and the bare walls.
No experience fear to love
or not being loved.
Deca-as that Sa ≥ the lucky men
lack of imagination-an ≥ n to suffer.
© loves you as a man loves a friend
this far and strange Ī a.
There Election bean n were united
by a singular fate.
The loneliness is so great
I can see it in slow motion
the clockwise direction.
No one who is looking for.
Tena-as a cup of the cries
and you sat drinking with the
by the bean-lovers an you hurt.
Ī aste taught me that not all people
too good to s. .. Tena-as fear,
and never asked-as it were.
Perhaps s if they are, death will not be so sad.
S always collecting more than lovers hate.
learn to win is to encode-l,
but anyone, even self
pruning, to be a big loser.
How many bottles of beer, wine, whiskey,
mainly beer took
waiting for things to improve n
or when you peleabas with a woman ...
and hoped that the web s © fono person ra
when you return-as crazy ...
And radio love songs passed,
and the web © fono remains-a quiet,
and walls fra-as ... and beer ...
Beer was all that bean-a.
And when Cain bottle to
production to sound the only one in your life.
Meanwhile the city dumps fill up,
stoner squares are filled,
The asylums are full, the hospitals are full,
The cemeteries are filled, nothing else fills.
And the cow sat-s-o ...
S expected death, like a cat
surprise jumping on the bed
... And she came ≥.
Deca-ace You The Next I was
and perhaps you already know something s
I not sa-todav√ © ... ¬ © Carlos Silvio

Bernal - 2000
Fiorito - Lomas de Zamora - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Enough of presentation n. .. we poa © tica his work.
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